Massage Offerings

Member/Non-Member rates

(Massages listed are 60-minutes.  Other options are available.)

Raindrop Therapy Massage – Combines unique targeted massage and energy approaches with authentic essential oils for a deeply harmonizing, and rejuvenating experience. ($125/$150)

Deep Tissue Massage – Typically the pressure is deeper and focuses on stretching fascia and penetrating muscles, bones, nerves and organs. ($100/$120)

Swedish Massage – Pressure can be light to firm.  Assist in relaxing and de-stressing the body. ($85/$100)

Hot Stone Massage – Ancient form of massage that involves warm stones and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension. ($100/$120)

(Massages listed are 30-minutes.)

Pneumatic Compression Massage – An alternating rhythm of inflation and deflation, In the body glove, it moves up and down the torso, compressing the muscles to aid in the removal of excess fluid from the tissues.  Feels like 8 hands massaging you at the same time. ($30/$45)

Back Neck Shoulder Massage –  Focuses on the trouble areas where most people carry their stress. ($50/$70)

Back Purification Massage – Back cleansing facial and massage. ($50/$70)

Reflexology Massage – Relaxing and great for those suffering from plantar fasciitis and everyday work and play. ($50/$70)

Electro-Muscle Massage – Similar to cupping.  The body feels relaxed and pain free. ($50/$60)